Great ideas get even greater when talked trough in a bar. We all know how it goes: after a few pints, thoughts flow like a river and everything seems possible. And that’s exactly what happened to this group of friends. United by a feverous passion for terror, science fiction, fantasy and beer, these fellows thought it was time to create a film festival dedicated to the cause.

They took the bar talk so seriously that in 2007, in Sant Adrià de Besòs, the Cryptshow Festival was officially born. Since then, the project has grown and grown. By 2011 the event moved to Badalona and received great references of the horror scene such as the French-Canadian director Éric Falardeau, autor of Thanatomorphosed and Howard J. Ford, known for his 2010 movie The Dead.

But the Crypt isn’t just a film festival; it also embraces literature and illustration. With book presentations, chats, exhibitions and contests, it has become an international meeting point for amateurs and professionals alike.

100% independent, this project celebrates into its 8th year without government support or subsidies. It sustains itself thanks to the good will of movie freaks and those who believe that the creative industries deserve, at the very least, a chance.
2014 could be greater than ever if you give them a little help.

Just keep this in mind: From 2 to 6 of July, you can be watching The Never Ending Story next to Colin Arthur, enjoying a collective exhibition dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft and debating over really fucked up movies like Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles.

You will find the Cryptshow Festival in Verkami for 5 more days: