Espai Contrabandos
Carrer Junta de Comerç, 20
08001 Barcelona, Raval
Tue-Fri: 12-20h
Sat: 11-15h
To quote Anna-Priscila Magriña in this issue, «Right now, everything that has anything to do with the publishing sector is – lack of a better translation – totally fucked». Ah, the putrid beauty of change. The list of challenges (problems, obstacles, nightmares…) facing the world industry is so long there’ll be no covering it here. But suffice it to say, there are always niches to be filled (how base) and that when faced with great adversity, the fleet and flexible survive. It’s all very Darwinian. And that, dear reader of the printed word, is why the good folks at Espai Contrabandos may just disagree with Madame Magriña.

For Espai Contrabandos is not a bookstore. Small, independent and overwhelmingly socio-political publishing houses pay a monthly quota to cover rent and the salaries required to run the place and, in exchange, have an outlet for their entire catalog, a space in which to regulary engage with readers, to connect us with their authors, to debate themes discussed in the books they publish and so on. Money from sales go back to the publishers, whom, we trust, are treating their writers well. Minimal middleman. Maximum awesome.

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