karen-d[gdl_icon type=»icon-asterisk» color=»#222″ size=»18px»] ¿Cuál es tu lugar predilecto de la Ciudad Condal? The Plaça Sant Just and its magical silence that hides somewhere in the gótico. It is my favorite place to go in the morning, for a coffee on my own and to scribble ideas in my notebook.

[gdl_icon type=»icon-asterisk» color=»#222″ size=»18px»] Si tu arte fuera música, ¿a qué grupo crees que sonaría? I would imagine a dark hypnotic world and tropical mysterious creatures, a world that sounds like Fever Ray.

[gdl_icon type=»icon-asterisk» color=»#222″ size=»18px»] Si fueras un lugar del mundo, ¿cuál serías? I would be Byblos, the mythical Phoenician capital. Byblos is one of the oldest cities in the world and is also my mother’s hometown, which we visited almost weekly since I was born. I have always been extremely fascinated by it and those enchanting emotions it triggers in me.

[gdl_icon type=»icon-asterisk» color=»#222″ size=»18px»] Si fueras una obra de arte, ¿cuál serías? I would like to be the Celula Nave by Ernesto Neto and swallow the visitors inside my comforting organic body. If hospitals, schools and office spaces were made of Neto’s soft sculptures and pleasurable materials, all the problems of this world would be resolved.

[gdl_icon type=»icon-asterisk» color=»#222″ size=»18px»] De ser una enfermedad mental, ¿cuál crees que podrías ser? Synesthesia is definitely one I could relate to. Since I was a child, I tend to characterize almost everything, which led to amusing links and interesting experiments. For example, Dalida’s songs taste like goat cheese and 1985 is cornflower blue.

[gdl_icon type=»icon-asterisk» color=»#222″ size=»18px»] Si pudieras escoger en qué década o siglo vivir, ¿en qué momento histórico te situarías? The ‘60s must have been quite a euphoric time to live in: definitely not the best decade, but a big shot of adrenaline that I would have loved to experience. The cultural shifts, the music, the riots. Life was lived more intensely and people still fought for the hope of a collective consciousness.

[gdl_icon type=»icon-asterisk» color=»#222″ size=»18px»] Describe brevemente una pesadilla recurrente. After a long, exhausting James Bond meets Back to the Future adventure, I finally reach the summit to make the ultimate speech, the one that will save the day, of course. And at that crucial moment, when I open my mouth, nothing comes out. My voice is gone. Completely gone. It has happened so many times when I am so close to saving the world! Yes, I know, it has something to do with not being able to fully express myself about certain issues in real life, but maybe that’s why I draw in the first place.

[gdl_icon type=»icon-asterisk» color=»#222″ size=»18px»] Si pudieras escoger a una mujer famosa como madre, ¿a quién escogerías? I think it would be a lot of fun being adopted by Josephine Baker and being part of the Rainbow tribe. And grow up in a 15th-century chateau in the south of France.

[gdl_icon type=»icon-asterisk» color=»#222″ size=»18px»] Si fueras una guerra, ¿cuál serías? The war between the guys with blue glow sticks and the guys with red glow sticks.

[gdl_icon type=»icon-asterisk» color=»#222″ size=»18px»] ¿Qué es lo que nadie sabe sobre Barcelona? I learned just recently (fairly disappointing) that the gothic quarter isn’t quite Gothic. Most parts of that famous district are, in fact, a recent recreation of neo-gothic works. The most famous example is the bridge over the Carrer del Bisbe that connects the Palau de la Generalitat with the Casa dels Canonges, which was built in 1928 by the Modernista architect Joan Rubió. So they transformed the then-forgotten neighborhood into a more attractive place that would project a positive international image of the city just before the 1929 International Exhibition. We should start calling it the neo-gótico from now on!

[gdl_icon type=»icon-asterisk» color=»#222″ size=»18px»] Si pudieras enviar a una persona a la luna, ¿a quién enviarías? My bitter neighbor who throws buckets of water at innocent people downstairs. I would love to send him to the moon and keep him there for a while.

[gdl_icon type=»icon-asterisk» color=»#222″ size=»18px»] En Barna desde… December 16th, 2006.