La cuina de Marwan
C/ Muntaner, 34
08011 Barcelona, Eixample Esquerra
Mon– Sun: 13:30 – 16:30;
20h – 24h

All cards on the table. We cabbed it up to Aribau and Diputació (keep in mind cabs are our mega-yachts) because the INTERNET said the restaurant-that-shall-not-be-named (we’re saving it for future shortlists, clar) was, in fact, open on Mondays. Internet LIES! Fortunately, our staff R2D2 mentioned an Arabic joint around the corner and – zoom! – three minutes later we’re at a table in La Cuina de Marwan.

It’s a simple Lebanese restaurant attached to a simple Lebanese shop. Baklava and Beirut pilsner on one side, menú del día (€9.90) on the other. Decor consists of, well, very little, but there are a few framed images of Beirut over the years and a flat screen TV slideshow of Lebanon’s UNESCO sites accompanied by the occasional bad photograph of good food. The moussaka is the cat’s meow. The dourum de tres quesos as well (appetizer). The hommos is tahine-laden, creamy and delish. And the chicken and vegetable couscous also gets a vote. Skip the empanadillas (just meh) and any attempt at friendly conversation with the waiter. On the way out you can hit the shop for a baklava or similar. Yes, it’s €1.20/piece but you know you don’t need more than one.

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