C/ Comerç, 6
08003 Barcelona, Born
Mon-Sun: 10h-21h
Montana is known enough already for its spray paint, but we aren’t interested in spray. We want the markers. And the Barcelona shop stocks around 100 different types, 500+ if you count color varieties. They are divided into three categories: street, paper and canvas/fabrics, though within the categories there’s still a great deal of variation. Krinks and other popular street markers are more like handheld paint tubes with fat or chiseled or wide tips. The Squishers, as their name implies, release chorros de pintura. Mmmm… chorros. Invisible ink is great for night painting that then turns black only after touched by the sun. Acrylic Uni Poscas are prime for canvas, and the Touch and On The Runs are for paper. You can pick up extra heads or opt for markers with metal heads, usable on any surface including rough walls and streets. And for mixing colors or making your own ink, opt for empty marker tubes and virgin heads. So much fun you may just chorrear in your pantalones.

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