As the sun sets on 2018, humble musical pilgrims drawn to the last of the dying light can soak up the year’s end with some fresh faces on the scene and hang tight for a bold new dawn as we offer up our antidote to the winter blues.

For those who prefer their Molotov cocktails with ice, new-age fisherman Tom Walker hooks you up with deep-sea synth and lyrical ear-fondling. Imagine taking an exploding naval mine to the face in slow motion and you’re halfway there. His enchanting, atmospheric mix of serene verses and defibrillator choruses will be docking at Bikini on the 11th. Expect swaying limbs and wilting souls.

Saying adéu to 2018, you can gleefully raise a middle finger to the emotionally bankrupt wasteland of January by getting your puddle-resistant boots on and stomping down to The Loft at Razzmatazz on the 4th. Electro fans will hear sirens calling, as Brodinski, the suave, genre-defying Frenchman, rustles up his usual platter of ya finest techno knockouts. It’s a little like having a groomed Jackson Pollock gunning tubs of paint at you, somehow crafting the seemingly discordant into masterstrokes.

Drink the tonic deep, my brothers and sisters, and pass it on.