Gorgeous and graceful. This is Poliça. Channy Leaneagh fell from a roof and had a serious spine injury that left her with limited mobility for months. As she recovered, taking care of her body and soul, we got the gift of a new album, When we stay Alive. It is all about healing, and living the life you want to live. And if you’ve been lucky enough to experience hat power, well, then you’ll recognize it while listening to Poliça. I can’t wait to feel this alive on March, 3rd at La Nau.

The Madrid band Toundra is back in town. Instrumental, powerful rock. If you’re a cinema enthusiast, “Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari” celebrates 100 years and Toundra recorded the soundtrack. That combination in Teatre Círcol is a knockout, and I’m up for it. A hundred years later and it looks like we’re in those 20’s again. Don’t let me get all philosophical and deep by myself on March 13th. Join me. And buy now, it will be sold out for sure.

The Brooklyn-based chiptune rock stars Anamanaguchi will be in town on March 24th. They got famous in the meme world when they did a crowdfunding and sent a slice of pizza out into the space. Their music is a bit more “mature”, now, but let´s not be judgmental. What is mature? Fits better with wine and cheese? No, no, no. I like their emo-Weezer-gamer-music and I wouldn’t miss this concert and the opportunity to blind you all with my inner weirdness in Sala Wolf. AUUUUUU, synth-a-tope.