Remember your impression of Plaça Reial the first time, back when you saw the buildings, the shape of the square, the fountain and the lamps instead of the tourist swarm, cerveza-beers and nightly police presence? Plaça d’Osca is your salvation, your local’s Plaça Reial, your nightly beer and bread. There are ten restaurants and bars on the plaza and not a single tout. There are 48 terrace tables, 14 benches, 30 trees, four lovely old lamps and one flat for sale (655 489 982 if you’re interested). Som.y is your Barça spot on Osca and serves seven plats combinats at 5.90€. Try La Mestressa for nachos auténticos and bocadillos creativos and, according to one of the many family members who run craft beer bar Homo Sibaris (also on the plaza), the arrugula and parmesan pizza at Teta de Monja is spot on. Downside? With an authentic plaza come authentic neighbors who keep an understandable lock-down on their nightly peace and quiet. Terraces chapan a las 22h entresemana and at 23h on the weekends.