Aviso: Esta carta publicamos en la edición impresa de BCN Més la cual mandamos a la imprenta el día 30 de septiembre.

When a double crisis (print and economic) was pounding this local indie paper hard, we decided to rethink everything: el enfoque del contenido, el modelo de negocio i el disseny. We invited El Equipo B(LT) – the bacon, the lettuce and the tomato – to talk it through. Shortly thereafter, one particularly humorous slice of bacon, David Ovejero, coined our tag-line: Més independent que Catalunya (de moment). That was 2012. Ever since we have been waiting for the day we would have to change it.

Five years later, everything and nothing has changed. As we send this issue to the printer on September 29th, we hope for a legal, peaceful, democratic and free referendum by secret ballot with a 2/3 majority minimum. Such a referendum, sadly, will not have happened on October 1st. That train left the station when PP landed in Madrid. But, ¡ojo!, such a referendum will happen, and soon, because nobody can stop – and nobody should want to stop – la voluntat dels ciutadans.

Love, peace and democracy,

The Editors