Ben Plantat
C/ Sant Carles, 21
08003 Barcelona, Barceloneta
Tue–Wed: 10:30h – 17h
Thu – Mon: 10:30h – 23h

A trip to Barceloneta causes some people to talk loads of shite à la “Barceloneta, you’re dead to me,” or, “Barceloneta, you’re like that poor soul completely and utterly surrounded by zombies. No one is coming to save you and you’ll soon be lost forever.” You know, stuff like that. But just when we’ve given up, February comes and we find ourselves Ben Plantat on a rainy Saturday with the beach a distant second to a warm welcome and some homemade food. A narrow, wooden, accordion door gives way to this tiny restaurant and all the charm in the world. Yet another Barcelona marvel where beautiful, flavorful eats come to you from a kitchen the size of a hot dog cart (and from Jordi Jimenez, Girona, and Gaby Morales, Mexico). Gaby runs the floor, manipulating custom, 3D-puzzle-piece tables to accommodate as many as Ben Plantat can.

Tapas and platitos made with love, international influence and locally-sourced fruit and veg. The must-meter-en-boca list includes the croquetas de chipirón en su tinta, the paté de tofu with miso and tawari, and the salads, gorgeous things to behold. And yes, this is A) a great place to take vegan friends and B) they take reservations, so if we pack it out (easy, given the size) we can have a local’s hideaway in Barceloneta even in the midst of our annual zombie apocalypse.

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