Coming back home from vacation having read nerd-foodie manga Oishinbo (highly recommended) to find a Japanese restaurant organizing a one-off, €100/person, macro sushi and sake tasting with a visiting chef from Toyama seemed like a message from the gods. Sadly, the gods have yet to bestow great wealth upon me, so that €100/person price tag, while surely worth it, gave some serious pause. FAN, however, is not a one-off. It has, in fact, been open for quite some time serving excellent gyoza, shoronpo and ramen that do not cost anywhere near 100 bones. You can get in and out satisfied for under €15. They make their own noodles (with a very cool machine) and have recently begun selling them alongside sauces and broths so you can go it alone at home (you lone wolf, you).

Fan – Restaurante japonés
C/ Sèneca, 28
08006 Barcelona, Gràcia
Mon-Sat: 13h – 16h; 20h – 23h

We tried several shoronpo, which are soup dumplings of Chinese origin, for the first time in our lives. Very tasty. The miso ramen: top. The sake: smooth. And the tantan men, another Japanese adaptation of Chinese (Sichuan) dan-dan noodles with minced pork: rich and delish.

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