C/ Valencia, 227
08007 Barcelona, Eixample Esquerra
Mon: 12h-17h
Tue-Sun: 12h-23h

There’s an excellent platform called TopMenus, dedicated “els millors menus de Barcelona”. In their manifesto they’ve written, “La famosa ‘dieta del Mediterrani’ és la gran mentida del màrqueting alimentari. Existeixen ‘les dietes del Mediterrani’ i no una dieta conjunta.” Amen! And proof positive of that: a new restaurant called Hummus. This is as Mediterranean as they come, and yet so very different from our version. Sure, there’s plenty of garbanzo and garlic and eggplant and parsley and all that and all those, but there is a different underlying identity and you can taste it in the food.

Given the name of the place, you’ve maybe guessed they have hummus. More than that, they have six. We tried the mesabaja, the traditional warm hummus, and it was excellent. A+. It was one of the mains in the €11.90, very filling menú del día (other options included tofu rebozado, falafel – the weak link, strangely – or a very good-looking shakshuka we’ll be trying (basically the only non-vegan dish on offer). The real surprise, however was their “salad” starter, a sort of Israeli antipasti. A superb bowl of diced vegetables is surrounded by ramekins of golden goodies including carrots with roasted garlic, an outstanding roasted eggplant and zucchini, and a heavenly tahine with ajoperejil. It’s served with a plethora of pita made fresh in situ that is so soft and so fluffy it’s honestly pillow-like; the perfect base for your sweet sesame dreams.

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