Depending who you talk to, Barcelona’s music scene is in rude health, same as ever or dying on its arse. This column has borne witness to events supporting all three of those conclusions in recent weeks. Let no one tell you, however, that there aren’t folk out there doing their darndest to make it happen for you and your lugholes. Here come some braindances to help you kick off your spring.

Did you know that our dear Poble Sec has a music festival worth its salt? It’s called Festival SECO and its third edition encapsulates a little bit of everything considered creative, spanning several spaces around the neighbourhood. There are art shows at Tinta Invisible, El Catascopio and Porta Roja on Thursday 12th, frightening occurings at Upload by Fasenuova and Filastine on Friday 13th, sessions at Jam Circus and Porta Roja on Saturday, and a picnic party at the Tres Xemeneies on Sunday.


Staying in the Sec, Cønjuntø Vacíø have moved much of their malarky up the hill to a new spot called Sala Meteoro. Kali Malone headlines their latest date with a performance consistent with the sinister calling card for the collective. The Swede will recite her deep synthetic atmospheres on the 24th, with support from local lady and Vacíø resident Todesfuge. Do not talk during the performances, lest you be hushed.

El Maresme’s dancefloor queen Bad Gyal is bringing her gyrations to Apolo for the first time come April 13th. The reason: Worldwide Angel Mixtape, curated and promoted with the deft touch of Canada Editorial and well received by locals and fans further afield, has just dropped. Check her out now at the charming hall on Nou de la Rambla before she hits the stadium circuit.

And, finally, Freedonia is 9 years old this month. There is literally something worth seeing there every week, and no one fronts a space quite like Coque. Big yourselves up.