Acerca de Mark Dix

Mark Dix has been down with Mes since it was Week. A rank and file autónomo de mierda, he is wont to be involved in events of the market and music type in between spinning records and playing the occasional game of pick-up basketball. He lives in the Raval with his better half and three felines.

Nave de Sake

Por |febrero 10th, 2017|

All of the circumstance, none of the pomp I find myself taking a goods lift up into a converted office space now known as La Nave de Sake, replacing my trainers for ...

Dos Pebrots

Por |febrero 2nd, 2017|

My request for a press lunch is approved at Dos Pebrots (in Catalan two peppers represent the crown jewels, so to speak) and I excitedly roll up and meet my co-dine ...

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