C/ del Rec Comtal, 15
08003 Barcelona, Gótico
Mon-Sun: 13:30–16:30; 20:30–00h
Walk your new, permanent or temporary sweetheart into this sushi joint nestled near the edge of La Ribera. Let him/her compliment the natural wood & black paint design and the intimacy of the venue (seats seven at a small sushi bar and 14 at small tables in about 25 m2). You will, of course, have made a reservation to sit at the bar. There, your sparkling date conversation will be accented by the show put before you as the chef molds mini masterpieces. A little stimulation goes a long way as you wine and dine with black-as-night tempura de verduritas y marisco con tinta de sepia (11 euros) and nakasalad (6 euros) before moving onto sushi. Impress by eating local(ish) melt-in-your-mouth tuna brought up from Tarragona. Try the unagi (nigiri, 7 euros, or uramaki, 14 euros), the soft shell crab roll (15 euros) and, if frisky, the foie gras nigiri (5 euros). Wash it down with Asahi or Sapporo (3 euros). So, yeah, you need a dollop of dinero for this date but, hey, it can’t hurt to show you’re capable of an occasional splurge.

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