Passeig de Sant Antoni, 9, 08014 Barcelona, Sants
Sun-Thu: 12:30h-0:30h
Fri-Sat: 12:30h-1:30h

What a surprise! A Barcelona winter day, mid-morning, we pass Plaça d’Osca heading towards Passeig de Sant Antoni, that large and unattractive street extending out from behind Sants Estació, with a vague idea that the sun’s angle might be just right. You know, like when you wander Eixample looking for a terrace on the northern side of the xamfrà and bingo!

We plop down at one of Fenicia’s many terrace tables, strip the jackets off, and order a vegetarian platter and a Fenicia salad. Glory! The food is hands down delicious. Our platter (basically a mezze) was loaded with hummus, homemade falafel of the finest quality, moutabal, balila, labneh, and warak eneb (stuffed grape leaves). It was exquisite, affordable and to be repeated as soon as possible.

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