C/ Marquès de Barberà, 24
08001 Barcelona, Raval
Thu: 20-0h
Fri: 20-2h
Sat: 1′-17h; 20-0h
Sun: 10-17h
Let’s face it people, the food at the North Pole is shit. The South Pole isn’t much better (krill aside). And the other Poles aren’t exactly the gods’ gift to cuisine. Then there’s Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, India, the entire Caribbean and Peru. All Trópico. One could argue that the closer to the middle of the planet you get, the better the food. And if we rope in the subtropics as well, we can add Morroco, New Orleans, the southern half of Japan, the tip of Korea (a very influential tip!) and a nice swath of the Middle East (you know, for dates and falafel and the like). Of course, to make this argument, we would very quickly have to tack on certain European countries as exceptions 1 to 6, but once that’s done, the rest is just cows, vodka and England (good riddance!)

The charming gentlemen who opened Trópico obviously understand. And to their credit, they’ve fully achieved what they set out to do. From the outstanding and original cocktails to the creamy swordfish and prawn main that goes from good to great as you eat it; from the fruit-laden international brunch to a killer ceviche with kick, los Trópicos have poured their hearts and souls (and time… so much time) into this restaurant. They are warm, welcoming and attentive and you’ll recognize the exact same qualities in the careful design of the place, from the indescribable map on the wall right down to your butter knife.

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